jenn schiffer is a web app developer, pixel artist, and tech satirist

hi i am jenn schiffer and i am a web developer, pixel artist and live laugh blogger in jersey city. by day i am director of community at glitch and by wednesday nights i co-host hoobastank2 on twitch.

my visual art has been described as "neon abstract pixel erotica" & my web development work (node, javascript) falls under the categories of creative coding and comedy. i have a bachelors & masters in computer science lmao!

send casual inquiries to or work ones to you can also find me on glitch, mastodon & twitter. thnx for reading, pls like & subscribe!

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i draw pixel art with paper and ink and stuff, as well as digitally. check it out. i hope you like them.

I would not be where I am at today as a programmer or artist were it not for a small passion project I started a few years ago called It is a free in-browser open web application I built so I could draw pixel art, along with anyone else. Over 1000 visitors daily use it and it's open source!

One of my interdisciplinary art/tech projects is vart, where I use JavaScript in my exploration of fine art history. I used to teach code using art, and this is my way of flipping the switch.

Although I haven't posted in years, the project is not abandoned – stay tuned for a refresh and more artists! In the meantime you can listen to the Studio 360 episode (!!!!!) about the project!