jenn schiffer is a web developer, pixel artist, and tech humorist

photo of me sitting on a stool
photo by arin sang-urai

hi i am jenn schiffer, a code and content creator based in jersey city. my day job is director of community at glitch. by week night/end, i am a tech humorist, painter, extremely hot and smart goofball, and lifestyle blogger.

whether in the industry, academia or Onlineβ„’, my interests have always been in honest, safe and fun developer community growth, engagement and education. i have organized and spoken at developer events all over the world and i simply love advocating for the open web and those that build it. i work on many kinds of projects – check them out below! throughout all of them, my primary mission is to represent and facilitate what and who i want to see in the community. also i want to make the people who make me laugh laugh.

for a professional headshot and bios, check out my ~~*professional*~~ page. send casual inquiries to or work ones to i'm on mastodon, @jennschiffer on twitter, and i do not use facebook or instagram. thank you for reading, pls like & subscribe!


here are some of the cool projects i work on:

cool mail banner
is my newsletter about being logged on, logged off, and the loading spinners in-between. this is the best way to keep in touch and learn about the weird stuff i see and do every week.

livelaughblog logo
live laugh blog
is my lifestyle blog, where i document my adventures as one who always lives, sometimes laughs, and blogs.

screenshot of
is a free in-browser pixel art editing tool that i designed and built and is used by over 1000 people a day. it's also open source!

watercolor of a pixel art mouth
i make pixel art
with paper, watercolor, ink and computers. it's often described as "neon pixel art erotica."

banner for cool-code-pal
css perverts
was a web development satire publication i co-created. you can get a chapter of it (even in print form lol) in the o'reilly compilation, beautiful javascript.

hoobastank2 graphic
was an internet game/talk show that i co-hosted with some extremely online pals of mine.